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Electricity is a vital element towards socio-economic development of any nations. However, vast majority of people in developing countries don’t have access to this basic element. SEMWaves has been devoted to developing sustainable and affordable renewable energy for developing countries. In particular, we are interested in developing off-grid power plants for remote communities to provide uninterrupted power supply 24 hours a day. We would generate power through solar cells, wind and water turbine.  In addition to peak generation period, we would maintain regular electricity supply when the generation is minimal.

We work closely with world-leading universities and well-established local companies to bring our state-of-the-art energy solutions to those who are in desperate needs.

GCRF-funded feasibility studies in Bangladesh

We recently carried out a feasibility study on deploying a hybrid solar-hydro power plant in Chittagong Districts in Bangladesh with our UK and local academic and industrial partners. The project was very successful and we got abundant first-hand data. Some of the results were published at a conference in Madrid, Spain. 

See the link below for interview with local residents.



Skin cancer is one of the most common cancers in the UK.  Traditional diagnostic method requires biopsy of the malignant tissues, which is painful and time consuming. These deter frequent scanning to delay the diagnosis, resulting in the detection of the cancer at a later stage or completely misdiagnosed. In addition, diagnosis is essential after cancer treatment to make sure no malignant tissues are left. At SEMWaves, we have been developing novel non-invasive skin cancer diagnostic tool using THz spectroscopy. The dielectric properties of cancer tissue differ from the healthy tissues, and the difference can be detected using electromagnetic waves at THz frequencies. At THz, the wavelength is shorter which leads to higher spatial resolution that can pinpoint the malignant tissue with higher accuracy. We aim to develop cost effective high power THz transmitters to detect tissues at much deeper layers from the skin surface to improve diagnostic accuracy. This is non-invasive and completely safe to human beings. 


We are enthusiastic about developing novel and efficient energy harvesting and wireless power transfer techniques for numerous applications in extreme environments and conditions including charging active implanted medical devices, inaccessible sensors inside engines, remotely deployed data collection sensors, and many more.


SEMWaves has extensive knowledge on design and developments of novel RF, microwave and THz electronic and optical devices. The team has vast knowledge on novel antennas for various applications including telecommunication and biomedical.  Our scientists have vast experience in designing high frequency electronic circuits, electromagnetic simulations, automation software, microcontroller, PCB and prototyping. If you think your organisations need technical support please contact us at support@semwaves.com