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Products & Services


Sustainable long-term electrification of remote communities requires technologies with low upkeep. High maintenance requirements have been shown to stress vulnerable supply chains while amplifying running costs, leading to a "vicious cycle" of nonpayment and disrepair. 

It doesn't have to be this way. Our patented all-weather hybrid microgrid brings low running costs by using technologies with long working lives. It is the only market ready kilowatt (kW) scale solution that can promise stable energy service year round with 100% renewable penetration.

Our product is designed to ensure sustainable impact for bodies operating in rural energy markets, come rain or shine.

Our microgrids are installed under two forms of contract:

  1. Lease-To-Own (LTO)
    • Under an LTO contract, your business gains ownership of a state of the art microgrid over an agreed upon term.
    • During the agreement phase, we visit the candidate village and make an assessment of energy demand and local energy resource. 
    • If the site looks suitable, we will work with you to draft a lease agreement. Once this has been signed, we install the system with the aid of our local partners.
    • Over an agreed upon term (typically 10 years) your business will gradually pay off the balance of the plant's cost before ultimately becoming sole owner.
    • During and beyond this point SEMWaves will provide technical maintenance support at an affordable rate.

2.Energy-as-a-Service (EAAS)

    • Under the Energy-as-a-Service model, SEMWaves build a microgrid and sell energy to your organisation at an agreed upon tariff. 
    • Your organisation in turns collects revenue from end users.
    • SEMWaves keep responsibility for maintaining the plant.

Preliminary Design of a Solar-Hydro Plant

Bandarban, Tankabati, 2021