Products & Services

Products & Services


Sustainable long-term electrification of remote communities requires low maintenance solutions. High maintenance requirements stress vulnerable supply chains while amplifying running costs, leading to a well-known "vicious cycle" of nonpayment and disrepair.

It doesn't have to be this way. Our patented all-weather hybrid microgrid creates low running costs by using technology with long working lives. It is the only market ready kilowatt (kW) scale solution that can promise stable energy service year round with 100% renewables. Our product is designed to ensure sustainable impact for bodies operating in rural energy markets, come rain or shine.

We offer a lease-to-own contract that allows your organisation to gain ownership of a state of the art microgrid over an agreed upon term. The process begins with us identifying candidate villages with sufficient demand and local resource for one of our microgrids. Once a suitable site has been located, we install our system with the aid of our local partners. The day-to-day operations of the plant are handed to your business, with training provided via SEMWaves where required. Over an agreed upon term your business will pay a rental fee, before ultimately becoming sole owner of the site. During and beyond this point SEMWaves will provide technical maintenance support.


There are hundreds of existing microgrids throughout South Asia that are not achieving their earning potential due to suboptimal or out-of-date technologies.

We offer a retrofit service that can improve your profit margins and user satisfaction while modernising your business. We will make an assessment of your current site including potential efficiency, reliability, and LCOE improvements. 

If your site is ready for a retrofit with our technology, we will prepare a detailed design and coordinate with you to develop an installation, maintenance, and payment plan.


Microgrids are the future. The smart grid is coming. These visions are interconnected.

The transmission and distribution system of our micro grid  can be deployed in rural communities that seek to build a centralised power generation system, or in those that already have a number of standalone SHS installed but seek solutions to connect these standalone systems to enable energy exchange between one another.


Due to the flexibility of the inverters in our system, our microgrids can be integrated with a national grid. This two-way exchange of electricity allows surplus to be sold back to the grid (thus increasing revenue) or for a deficit to be purchased during times of excess demand (thus increasing reliability). This simultaneously reduces a nations burden on fossil fuels and fulfills government targets for renewable penetration by seamlessly integrating an existing RE microgrid.